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Ethics in the Front Line: Experiences of Israeli Soldiers

Few countries have experience of war like Israel. Since its very inception, Israel has faced threats from all directions, including terror attacks from within. With over 400,000 citizens living in disputed territory surrounded by millions of Palestinians, Israeli soldiers are called upon to defend both their country’s citizens and morals. Learn more about the IDF and step inside the boots of an Israeli soldier.

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Jerusalem's Seamlines

Jerusalem, one of the most contested cities in the world. Home to Jewish Israelis, Palestinian Arabs, and a large Haredi (ultra-orthodox) Jewish community, the city is full of tensions and flashpoints.

Within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the status of Jerusalem is perhaps the most explosive issue. To whom does it belong?  Learn about the fractious status quo at the sites sacred to the three monotheistic religions, pass through barriers both physical and invisible, see how and where Arabs and Jews live, and learn about the ongoing territorial struggle as we discuss the divisions, bonds and future of the Holy City.

Israel's Geopolitics

Trace the last hundred years from the Balfour Declaration to the modern State of Israel via the 1948 and 1967 wars, roots of the settlements, the two Intifadas, the rise of Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS, the growing threat from Iran, and the new Middle East order.

Sessions cover diplomatic relations and alliances with Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the roles of Russia and Iran as Syria rebuilds itself after a catastrophic period, attempts to negotiate a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the effects of terrorism and continued settlement construction on Israeli society.

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Israel Explained by Emanuel Miller

Emanuel Miller speaking in London about the IDF and the ethical challenges faced by Israeli soldiers

Having lived in Israel for over a decade, Emanuel Miller has a wealth of experience to share with audiences seeking to understand the country’s complex internal and regional politics. After serving as a combat soldier in the IDF, working for the Jerusalem Post and the Times of Israel,  and then helping establish My Truth, an organisation documenting the experiences of Israeli soldiers, Emanuel is well-poised to describe Israel’s inner workings.

Emanuel invites audiences to see Israel from the inside, grapple with its challenges, and truly understand how Israelis think.

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"Mindblowing. Emanuel explained Israel's situation in such a different way, showing how things got to be as they are and how complicated things are in reality. I much better understand now how and why Israelis think the way they do."